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Psoriasis and Strep Throat

hello all!! i was wanting to touch on the psoriasis part of psoriatic arthritis in this forum.

Strep throat as a flare-up trigger

as some of you might know, strep throat can lead to a psoriasis flare up. i'm currently dealing with a MAJOR flare up. i've had strep throat before (might i add, i had it twice back to back) which led to a flare up. that was many years ago. with some sunshine, patience, and medication, i cleared up that flare in the course of a few years. my skin was the clearest it had been in a long time before i came down with strep throat 3 weeks ago... now i am waking up with new spots daily. i've gotten a referral to an ENT specialist who will hopefully consider me a good candidate for a tonsillectomy.

How has strep throat affected you?

i'm curious to know what is your experience with strep throat? have you had a tonsillectomy? did it help with your psoriasis? any comments are appreciated!!

  1. Hi definitelynotlistening , Your question about strep caught my interest. Fourty years ago the dermatologist I had at the time for plaque psoriasis, warned me about strep. I'm not any kind of medical professional and cannot vouch for the facts about the following words and advice. A close facsimile to his words: "With chronic plaque psoriasis you need to be extra cautious about sore throats. This (plaque psoriasis) is a disorder of the autoimmune system. Due to suppressed immunity, a sore throat could easily be strep. If strep throat is left untreated, the symptoms usually disappear but the disease is still present as an infection. It can cause serious problems including major psoriasis flares." And again, his words of advice, not mine, "If you have a sore throat, get a culture taken to rule out strep throat."

    Over the years I have noticed whenever I have a cold or infection the psoriasis shifts into turbo mode. These days I have PsA which is in a different league but has similar problems.

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