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Off Biologic's after 10 years

Ten years ago I was crippled by PSA and many plaques on my body
After a year on Methotrexate (which cleared my skin) I was put on Enbrel.
It was a complete life changing event.
Within weeks, I was walking again and it just continued to get better.
It was like being reborn.
For ten years all has been well, until I had a SCC (Skin Cancer) removed from my forehead.
Because of this my PSA medication had to cease and my Rheumatolgist has decided to wait and see how my PSA behaves. If it returns she will put me on a new drug which she says will be just as good as the Enbrel.
My question is, has anyone had this experience, and if so, did the PSA return.
It has now been 4 months since I ceased the medication and so far, I am not seeing any recurrence of the PSA .
Has my Immune System reset its self ???

  1. You might want to see my post in the General forum about PsA and the sink theory. It addresses this very question.

    I can tell you that after my mom, who had RA, went off her biologic, which she was on for four years, she had many years before her symptoms returned.

    1. That is very heartening to hear about your Mother
      Will now have a look at at your other post you refer to

      1. I developed skin cancer while on methotrexate after my recovery and about a year of prednisone I then when on a biologic - simponi. This drug like enbrel for you changed my life immediately. I have been on the drug for 8 years now and I am noticing it is not as effective. It also has melanoma as a side effect so my rheumatologist has been bridging me onto otezla which has been unsuccessful. I will stick with the simponi until I find a good replacement. As for psa going into remission I have heard of it but it hasn't happened to me. I hope so for you.

        1. It had only been 4 months. You are a lucky one if it stays away. However, I would not suggest trying anything else. I went off Enbrel to try something new a couple times. I have never found anything that works better than Enbrel.
          I was diagnosed in 1980. I have seen it all!

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