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New to the forum and newly diagnosed with lots of questions.

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with PSA on Fri. Well, kind of diagnosed I guess you could say. I have been in search of some type of diagnosis since about this time last year. In late Nov. of last year I began experiencing problems with my hips. Lots of catching, snapping and pain which a year later has only gotten worse. They are now producing pains so strange that I could have never imagined possible. The issues however do not end there. The pain is everywhere, ankles, all over the feet, big toes, undersides, outer edges, etc. Shoulders, wrists, backsides of hands between the fingers. I could go on and on and it's literally something new everyday. My tendons are so tight especially the hip flexors that I feel like I'm going to break in half when I try to stretch. Same for my feet. I have also been battling nerve issues, body wide for 10 years now. I get every possible type of nerve pain imaginable all over my body. My neurologist and I are convinced they are related and are the result of some type of inflammatory process. I have noticed nail changes on my fingers, white spots are starting to appear on most of the nails and I have a few toe nail abnormalities that were never there before but no smoking gun. The fatigue is there and I do get the occasional feverishness feelings. My father has battled Psoriasis for as long as I can remember. He is now on Cosentyx and it's been a complete miracle for him. I just started sulfasalazine but doubt its going to do much good since my father did not have any luck with it. I'm negative for the gene test and my blood work always comes back normal. We did a new round on Fri. so maybe something will show this time. I am 100% convinced that something is majorly wrong. I went from doing just about anything I want, I was very athletic and involved in every outdoor sport you can think of and within 4 months time I am barely able to keep up with the house and daily living activities. I work from home now due to COVID in finance and I really don't know how much longer I will be able to hang on. It's living hell and I would not wish this on anyone. I would love to hear from anyone who has hip issues due to this condition and what their pain is like. Also it would be great to hear from anyone who has nerve issues that accompany PSA. My R Arthritis doc has really just been using process of elimination so as much as the both of us feel it's PSA no one really knows for sure at this point. Thank you for all your help and can assure you that your responses will be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hi David (), welcome to the community! Sorry to read about everything you are dealing with right now. I know we have quite a few members with hip pain, so I hope they'll stop by to share with you.

    I have had nerve pain in my legs for the past 11 years or so. I had not given it much thought until I read your post, but the nerve pain did start around the same time as my PsA symptoms (although I was not actually diagnosed with PsA until 3 years later). I will have to chat with my rheumatologist about this and see if he thinks there may be some link there. I was given amitriptyline for the nerve pain and I do find that it helps reduce the intensity of the pain for me. Have you tried much for it over the years?

    I really hope that sulfasalazine makes a difference to your symptoms. It sounds like you are long overdue some relief. Please keep us updated on how you're doing if you can. Best of luck! -Catherine, Community Moderator

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