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Does anyone else have issues with their nervous system?

Lately I've been dealing with a jerk in my right hand, which has progressed to the left hand. Legs and feet have had it for a long time. I also get electrical zap feeling in my thighs.

I have an appt with a neurologist soon. Using my finger to write this is even difficult, my double taps when I touch the screen. I'm getting worried, it seems to progress, other odd things also, but wondered if others have had neurological issues.

  1. Hi @mlc470. Many people with PsA deal with cognitive issues, but not so much with the sensations you are describing. Has your primary care doctor ordered an MRI of your brain in advance of your upcoming appointment? This time of limbo, of having all these symptoms and no diagnosis, can be very stressful and stress tends to make symptoms worse. Please try to keep yourself busy while you wait to help the time pass and reach out here for support whenever you need us. I also moderate on our MS site. Though I am not suggesting you have MS, much of the testing for any neurological condition is similar, so please feel free to message me or tag me if you have questions as you go through your neurological evaluation. Sending lots and lots and lots of healthy vibes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. , yes I might take a look on that site. I had been reading on MS too. I have to go back to emails and appt with both my PCP and my rheumatologist. I've had numbess in my back, face, and other issues. I need to have them ready for my appt. No he hasn't ordered an MRI. It wouldn't happen unless they were almost definite on diagnosis.. It to 5 years for a RA and PsA diagnosis. Doctors are so quick to jump the gun, to add everything to my fibromyalgia diagnosis. Finally almost to my breaking point they ordered a full body bone scan. I honestly think to appease me more than anything. I was then called to come in within a week.

      I work fulltime, for now. It keeps me busy and and in pain. 🙄 But that's how it is for now.

  2. Hi Mic, out of interest what medication are you on for PsA?
    I have been experiencing some unusual zaps in the past few months. Mainly from my abdomen area that seem to send a rush of electricity or adrenaline up my torso and into my head, I think it’s something different for me though and may be an adrenal or anxiety issue. I will be discussing with my doctors soon.
    Hope everything works out well for you in your upcoming evaluation.
    Take care, Greg.

    1. , hi. Currently I'm on Enbrel, low dose methotrexate and prednisone. Then the usual things for pain, gabapentin, sulindac.

      6 weeks ago I stopped Humira, it never helped. I took that with the trifecta? of sulfasalazine, methotrexate and plaquenil. I actually got worse over the course of a year. Upon my insistence(ignored for 9 months) we did a bunch of testing. Not to keep rambling cause I know people who have been on many meds, but I just want relief. Been living with 7 day/ week pain since 2008.

      I hope you get some clarification when you go for your appt. What you describe sounds very painful.

  3. Hello Mic,
    I can sympathize with your symptoms as I've been suffering with the same. I am seeing my neurologist at the end of this week, if it's medication related I can let you know. I am on Cosentyx 150mg 2 pens 3000mg and Otezla 30mg twice daily. I'm new to this so not sure how much or how little we're aloud to share, I don't want to break any rules. I can let you know howmy visit went.

    1. hi, yes I would love to hear what they say. Have you found relief from those 2?

    2. Hi there! I'm a community manager for the site. If you have any questions about rules for the community, please feel free to ask me or one of our other community moderators! You can also refer to our community rules here: As a quick summary, one of the big rules that people may accidentally break is offering medical advice. It's totally okay to share what treatment is working (or not working) for you or to share personal experiences, but because everyone is different, we ask folks to refer to their doctor for medical advice rather than community members. But please feel free to share with the community how your visit went at the end of this week, I'm sure many would find it interesting and helpful if they are also considering seeing a neurologist.

      Minel (Team Member)

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