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Pain and stiffness one day and gone the next

I’m wondering if anyone has pain in one area and then gone the next day. Then on the next day I’ll have pain In another area. For example, my upper back will be stiff and painful one day and then the next day it will be better, but my knee will be stiff and painful. And so on and so on. So hard to explain to my rheumatologist. Sometimes my whole body feels like I’ve been in a car wreck. Does this sound normal for psoriatic arthritis? I have very few days with no pain and stiffness.

  1. , I can definitely relate! My pain usually jumps around between my elbows and feet, although recently it's my fingers have joined in. I have definitely seen others say that they experience this "migrating" pain and stiffness too. And yes, some days the whole body seems to be affected. It's a very strange and difficult to deal with because you never know what to expect each day. How are you coping at the moment? -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. , This sounds exactly like me! Every day it is a different pain and the pain from the day before is gone or at least lessened. And there are days like today that everything seems to hurt. You are not alone! There are few days where nothing hurts as well for me.

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