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Could my leg pain be enthesitis?

Hi new here, had PsA for over 30 yrs and main meds are methotrexate and Humira. Just recently started with new pain in heels and under the foot. Pain in leg radiated from the hip area all the way down. Causing pain and limping. Prior to this, I've been doing ok. No psoriasis/eye probs for ages and manage to swim regularly which helps keep me sane...Just!

Could this be enthesitis? Any ideas would be appreciated!

  1. Hi , and welcome!

    Sorry to read about this new pain you're experiencing. We're not medical professionals here so can't offer medical advice, however your foot pain description reminds me of how it feels for me personally when I have achilles tendinitis/plantar fasciitis. We have some info on these here:

    If you haven't done so already, I'd definitely discuss these new symptoms with your doctor. I hope you're able to get to the bottom of what's going on and can find some relief. Keep us updated!

    -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. Thanks Catherine
      I'm seeing my rheumatologist shortly so will do
      Regards Andy

  2. Hi andytait, Fourteen months ago I began experiencing pain similar to what you describe. Walking was becoming extremely difficult and painful. I had great difficulty getting into and out of bed. Back pain and leg cramps. My Primary Care doctor diagnosed plantar fasciitis along with ongoing PsA. He prescribed physical therapy. The PT's got me into leg and back stretching exercises. Basically yoga. The first week was a seriously challenging experience. After six weeks I was walking two miles a day and sleeping much better and longer. I have since joined a gym primarily for bicycle cardio/warmup and the cable stretching machine. The stretching helps keep me from getting locked up with stiffness and pain. My best wishes to you for improved health.

    1. Hi thank you for this. I have been looking at articles which suggest that more than 1 auto immune condition often affect persons like us in a like joining together whereas I previously put all my aches and pains down to Pda.
      Seems like the yoga may help me as well and as my daughter is a yog teacher it would be daft not trying it. I find swimming really helps. Thanks again and hope you are able to keep as well as possible

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