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Joint Pain

My fiance has recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis by his dermatologist. He has been on Cosentyx for 4 months. It has helped tremendously with his skin, which is now clear. It has not touched his joint pain. Can anyone suggest what works best for pain?

  1. Hi @Bubbymom2, we are so glad you found our community. I am glad to hear your fiance has gotten relief from Cosentyx. I wish it was helping with his pain. If he hasn't already, I would definitely encourage him to reach out to his doctor to let them know he is still experiencing a lot of pain. There are a lot of medications out there and his doctor may have another suggestion for him. In the meantime, I am sending over an article with tips for pain. I really hope he can get the relief he deserves. Jill, Team Member

    1. Thank you Jill. We'll look at the article and try some of the suggestions to see what helps. His doctor is referring him to a rheumatologist. The wait time to have an initial appointment can be 5 to 6 months do we are definitely open to suggestions.

      1. I found that being in water whether it is a pool, jacuzzi or bathtub (least helpful) helps tremendously with my pain.

        1. Hi BubblyMom, I have similar circumstances. I went the natural route, starting with Medical Marijuana Therapy. Awesome, not just to offset physical pain but to smooth out the mental issues, which were crushing me. I also use DoTERRA essential oils. I’ve used oregano, ginger, juniper Berry and other oils to ease foot pain. Another biggie was losing 60 pounds slowly and methodically over 2+ years. Gluten-free diet was also huge. Cut down on sugar intake. I’m on Enbrel (it totally cured the pitted fingernails and wiped out skin lesions) and methotrexate, with folic acid to aid the autoimmune system.

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