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Holistic - COMPLIMENTARY Therapies - Mind Body & Spirit!

Hello You Beautiful Souls,I have had PSA for over a decade which is genetic
and have been taking Simponi Injections for most of this time.
As a retired MBS complimentary & spiritual therapist/teacher.
I was the last person on earth who wanted to take medication or injections.

I soon discovered there HAS to be a balance between taking medication and holistic/alternative approach like ( ying and yang ).
I have to say that I am blessed to have Simponi in my life, after trying so many other remedies and being extra senitivite to medications/foods even some natural ingredients.
Simponi was a game changer for me.

Yet it does not mean that Simponi will continue working for me for another decade but until that day... I will count my blessings and carry on. As we go forward new biologics and therpies are and will be developed.

B4 lockdown I would have regular Complentary therapies and were
really beneficial to me which help my mind body & spirit.

Reflexology was also a game changer for me.
(although reflexology isnt on my CV I have had it many times before
I developed PSA and did not see the full benefits of the therapy until I actually got PSA.)

Along with lots of various healing therapies that work along side clearing and balancing your aura.
Meditation and positivity.

There are lots of therapies to choose from and believe can/may be free on the NHS. Complimentary therapists offer them at £20-40 some more some less depending how many sessions you book.

how beneficial complementary therapies can be.

If you have any questions in regards to Complimentary therapies
PSA let me know, I'm happy to help.

Love, Light & Blessings to you all X

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