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Hands and Feet

Hi, I'm new here. I've had psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for 11 years now. Most recently (maybe the last year or 2), I've noticed such an increase in pain in my hands and feet.

The pain has impacted work

I work full time in law enforcement and this new pain is killing my career. I walk with a limp when I'm actually able to get up and walk at all. And I have lost all strength in my hands. I cannot grip or pull or do anything virtually with my right hand, and my left hand is starting to go the same route.

I'm scared that it will get to the point that I become bedridden. I'm much too young to not be able to move about freely. It has caused a great deal of depression and I have been having some uncomfortable intrusive thoughts lately. I just wish it would go away.

  1. Hi HaleyAbaird so sorry to hear you are having so much pain,first let me thank you for what you do, hope you have a dr who can get you the right meds so you can do what you need to do without pain, and check out my story in the stories section, welcome you are not alone in this battle take care sending hugs

    1. Hi Haley

      I am also new here...have had this disease now for some 30 years, and am 57 now. My mum lived to 83 and she also had it. Ouch, long way to go...

      Question is, how do you deal with this crazy disease that has so many levels without slowly going nuts, being depressed, irritable and tired all the time? If you already feel look you do at your age, imagine yourself at mine, or at 83 😀

      The following have helped (at least in my case):

      a. face the thing, I mean literally give it a name or personality (I call it 'a...hole') and deal with this imagery 'friend' as if it's a real person that you need to face and deal with, much like a family member you don't like, can't get rid of but still need to deal with. This way you put it in its box, know where it is, know where you stand, and you can give it the finger on those bad days. Otherwise it just creeps up on you, becomes an inherent part of you, and bit by bit destroys you and takes over your life. Trust me, it will if you don't face it head on.

      b. try and be social even if you don't want to. Friends that take you for what you are helps. Get rid of people that just think you are imagining things or being lazy or depressed or whatever. One really good friend/lover/spouse is great. And don't be afraid, embarassed etc to lean on them, or shout at them, thats why they are good friends. Sometimes I feel sooo embarassed for who I am, what I can't do, what I do do, how irritable I am, for telling them go on, I will catch up, but that's just the way it is.

      c. tell everyone that society owes you big time. If it wasn't for you they wouldn't be there - as a result of your wonky immune system your forefathers made it through the plague, mumps and whatever else where everyone else died. So actually you are a super-person. (I don't know if it's true, bit it's a theory of mine & makes we feel better telling people that 😀

      d. force yourself into daily moderate exercising. In your case you probably get enough. I have found swimming to be best. Also don't overdo it, your 'friend' will come back and bite you. (When this started years ago I was a fitness freak but no, that did not go too well. Moderation (boring) is the key). But just do it, I never want to exercise these days, and my 'friend' always has excuses, bit don't listen to him. Keep moving.

      d. Get enough sleep. Don't listen to those know alls that say they can make it on 5 hours a day or that 8 hours is too much etc. Sometimes I sleep 10-11 hours a day. If you miss out on the week catch up on weekends.

      e. Find a good doctor. No, I haven't found a miracle cure. Does no harm to keep up to date with what's happening in the medical field anyway. And you need them for prescription drugs.

      Anyway, you probably know all of the above, just also know there are others like you, you are certainly not alone. And please tell your friend '' from me, if he doesn't like it, I can always introduce him to mine 😀

      1. love this positive message I am going to own this PSA and run with your advice!

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