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Flares and working

Ok so just curious. Has anyone had to make job/career changes? What kind of setting works best for your PSA? I’m about to get back into work and I’m thinking about how bad I feel (which I think is the worst for me for flare ups. The feeling like an insane flu is headed my way plus a bus must have ran me over when I wasn’t looking lol) so often. How often are you having flare ups also? I feel like I am having them a lot. I’m not sure how I’m gonna manage. But just curious on everyone else’s journeys! Whatever input would be very much appreciated! TIA

  1. Hello sis4uth, Here is a great article on working from home. I have always worked in an office environment, but it got to be so much for me to just get up and get dress and not to mention the commute. When I was in the office I did have to have special treatment. I had to have a chair with handles. I needed pens I could grip along with having things arm reach for me. My biggest challenge got to be fatigue and brain fog. I worked with a company that understood. Sometimes you just need to explain your situation. I flare all the time too. I have never been in remission in 56 years of having a chronic illness. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Take care, Diane, Community Moderator

    1. thank you so much for this. I have definitely had working at home in my mind as well. I come across a lot of scans trying to apply for remote jobs these days lol. But I’m getting it together. I’m so sorry you haven’t felt any relief in your 56 years of having this disease. I pray it lets up for you. And thank you again! It’s a scary road in the unknown.

    2. , yes it is scary. I am going to rephase the not going in remission. I have never been in remission, but I have felt fantastic for a many years. I have my good days and bad days, but my good ones do out weigh the bad ones when I'm on medication. Working from home is the best kept secret. I hope you find something soon. Take care, Diane Community Moderator

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