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Fathering a Child while being on Methotrexate or Biologics

Hi fellows,

I needed to ask about if it is safe to father a child while being on Methotrexate or any other drug such as Biologics? Does anyone has a personal experience or knows abt someone? Is it safe for the child? Can it results in birth defects or any other disorder in new borns?

  1. Hi @Haseeb, what a great question. I really hope you hear back from our community members. In the meantime, I would definitely encourage you to ask your doctor about this. They should have studies and know about all possible side effects. Jill, Team Member

    1. Hi , sorry we haven't heard too much from other community members. Have you had a chance to talk with your doctor about this? I actually came across an old forum post from someone asking a similar question about Methotrexate: There, FDA guidance that is linked recommends waiting 3 months after stopping Methotrexate ( This was in 2019, so it's still a good idea to speak to your doctor if things have changed in the last few years. Best, Minel (Team Member)

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