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So I know on occasion we've discussed on here treatments aside from medicines. One thing I've been doing for two weeks now is fasting.

A study about psoriatic arthritis and fasting

There was a study done by MIT that found that a 24 hour fast can regenerate stem cells. Apparently, when your body starts burning fatty acids instead of carbs a metabolic pathway is opened that can reverse age phenotypes. At least in mice. You can read about the study here.

The decision to fast

I started with intermittent fasting (16 hours) and worked my way up to trying a 24-hour fast two weeks ago and another this week. Whether it's helping me regenerate my stem cells I can't say but it IS helping me lose weight, which has been a struggle since I started Humira. Apparently weight gain is one of Humira's side effects.

Anyway, it's just some science I thought you all might be interested in. With more and more evidence pointing to gut bacteria being linked to autoimmune disorders, there may be something to fasting being a big help to people with our condition.

  1. I know this is an old thread but wanted to say that I started with intermittent fasting and do a 24 hour fast once in awhile and it has improved my health considerably. I'm also on humira and have went from 247 down to 205. my swelling has went down a ton. because of the humors working I've been able to work out as well. things have improved dramatically for me.

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