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Does anyone have anything they do to relieve enthesitis?

This question is being asked for a community member. They state that they have it in their hips, forearms and ankles. It effects their mobility greatly and is so uncomfortable. Can you help answer this question? Vickie W., Team Member

  1. I have enthesitis, PSA and psoriasis...been previously diagnosed with PMR. I am on a biologic that handles most of that well, but I have recurrent muscle spasms, rigidity that acutely restricts my movement. My Rheumatologist added Baclofen to be used when the spasms hit...and it is working beautifully...just wonderfully. Once the tightening and spasms start (espcecially in my shoulder and neck...and the sacro area, the stuff just doesnt release on its own for days....I feel crippled. But with the Baclofen? instant relaxation in the shoulder or neck or around my elbow or my sacro area and I can keep moving and being active. It may not work forever, but for now? Perfect.

    1. The only thing that I’ve currently found to help my enthesitis is wrapping myself up in a heated blanket, and/or cannabis. Being a medical user has been life changing. I suffer from enthesitis in my hands, arms, elbows, lower back, hips, knees, lower legs, and feet.

      1. I have psoriatic arthritis. Really sore lower legs (above the inner side of ankle).. I wonder if its entheses. Which part of your lower leg is affected?

      2. Me too! Like shin splints but I haven't been running

    2. As retired Occupational Therapist with PSA enthesis, I have found when my tendons and soft tissue flairs up I use my Kinesio tape. It helps with edema also. Sometimes it's hard to tape my lower leg as my hips don't allow me to easily get down there, but I've found ways to use a soft sponge paint brush to smooth out the tape. I recommend you ask for a therapy evaluation - usually PTs do Kinesio taping, but some OTs like me also do them, but mostly for Upper Extremities. I love my taping. Kinesio tape is stretchy then tape (comes in great colors if you like that) and can be kept on your skin for days, or until it starts peeling off naturally. It's hypoallergenic, but some folks have problems with the adhesive. There's a specific way to apply it, so you need instruction by a therapist. It's worth a try, not expensive and you can learn to do it yourself, or have a S.O. apply it once they learn how to. Good Luck (You can get it on-line, at Amazon, or at sports sites.)

      1. Hot baths, showers, heat packs, staying warm and Panadol are my go to’s. I see an OT to help with stretching and movement. Walking, when I’m feel I can, helps too.

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