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Does anyone else have problems with costochondritis? And back muscle spasms?

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  1. Hello I am sorry that you are struggling with this- it is rough. In fact, I was having this yesterday myself (costochondritis). It is so difficult to figure out is the source of that pain is serious (heart attack!) or anxiety, chest pain, and on and on. I totally hear you! Plus, even if you figure out what it is, then you have to figure out how to treat it. Just another one of the gifts of life with PsA.
    However, I did find this article that you might find interesting, even if there really aren't any answers for how to treat it that you probably don't already know.
    That being said, I have found that if I rub a CBD lotion or cream on my chest and back (with help), that does seem to help calm that area down a bit. Could simply be "all in my head" that it helps, but I guess I'll take it. 😀
    I'm sure others will chime in soon and share their experiences, because I know it certainly isn't uncommon for sure, and you aren't alone. How are you doing now? Has it gotten any better yet? Have you consulted your Dr about it? -Leanne, Community Moderator and PsA patient

    1. I had my first bout of costochondritis around Christmas. I had an upper endoscopy for some stomach problems and I woke up with the pain. At first I thought it would resolve quickly since the GI doc said it would, but after 2 weeks of misery I had to go on prednisone. I started getting relief within 48 hrs of getting the meds. My GI doctor had no idea what PsA was and didn't know how to treat me afterwards. Costochondritis is horrible, but I was able to get relief from the pain. I hope you do soon too.

      1. I have almost permanent costochondritis however the volume of pain goes up and down xx

        1. i had that it feels like someones pulling your heart through your chest ,but they miss the broke rib that punchersd my heart an 3 other
          arteries,i was full of 3 liters of blood in my chest cavity,they kept saying costocondritis take a long tome to heal,easter 2018 it punchersd my lung hospital time,lost a third of my lung has not come back and wont it stuck to a rib an the segion could scrape it off,well they beleived me this ,left hemothorax,get things checked you ll know when,too bad it has to come to things like that when people dont listen to you ,you are ,so what if they get flustered,good luck

        2. Oh, no! How awful, . Were you in an accident? I can't believe they missed something like that. How are you feeling now? Did you take action against the hospital? Thinking of you and sending lots of the gentlest hugs your way. - Lori (Team Member)

      2. That's awful, I can't imagine the amount of pain and frustration that ordeal caused. My heart goes out to you, I hope you are feeling better! Best Wishes. -Aron (Team Member)

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