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Is Constant Sweating Normal With Psoriatic Arthritis?

How many members have constant sweating? Is there anything you can share that give you relief?

  1. I have the same problem-almost constantly. Stress brings it on but being out shopping, etc is so embarrassing. My MD said it is, unfortunately. Because of the inflammation on the inside coming out. It is debilitating. I hope you find relief Rebecca.

    1. I’m almost always hot..I do sweat a bit but not really in the usual places. Mostly around my hair line, under my breast and between my legs..I don’t use antiperspirants because I rarely sweat there, beside the fact that most cause me to break out. I live in Idaho where the weather is usually pretty mild but even in 50-60 degree (F)I sweat. For now, I’m just dealing/living with it.

      1. Depending on your age, have you ruled out menopause also?

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