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Combined therapy failure

I have been on a combination of Otezla and Remicade with methotrexate and then Otezla, Cosyntex and methotrexate and most recently otezla, Tremfya and methotrexate. During this time I have continued to have worsening and enthesitis and bony distruction and pain and debility. I was hoping to find out if there had been anyone else out there with combination therapy aside from these that has found it has worked or has other suggestions. I’m hoping to speak with a rheumatologist about combining Stelara, Enbrel and Cosyntex as another possibility at this point. I am feeling desperate and any help that anyone can provide would be amazing thank you

  1. Hi @Kath2012, thanks for reaching out. I can hear how frustrated you are. Going through all the trial and errors with various medications can certainly be exhausting. While I hope our community members will chime in with their personal experiences, I am sending you over an article from one of our advocates. She talks about her personal experience with the disappointment of medication and she offers some tips. I hope you can get in touch with your rheumatologist soon. I can understand how devastating this is for you, I really hope you can get the relief you deserve. Wishing you all the best. Jill, Team Member

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