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Cannabis and/or Humira

Hi everyone im a 34 year old male on mtx and humira for my psa. Its working very well and given me my life back. Unfortunately im about to lose my insurance and my wife and i probably make just enough to disqualify me for medication assistance.

What are your experiences with marijuana for pain?

Now medical marijuana has been approved in my state and i qualify for it. My question is does anyone here medicate with just marijuana? How does it work? Is the quality of life similar to being on humira or a similar biologic? Has anyone gone from humira to just marijuana? Thanks everyone

  1. I have never used the marijuana to help me, but I have thought about it. If you ever try this, please share what you have learned and if it works.

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    1. I am going to link you to an article that I think you will find very interesting to read. I have heard wonderful things about it. - Clair

      1. I'll be keeping my eye on this too! Marijuana was legalized in Canada this summer. It's like a whole new world up here! On the topic, we reviewed hemp capsules in a recent Community Recommendations article because so many people here loved it:
        Would love to hear how you make out!
        -Victoria, Community Moderator

        1. Enbrel & Medical Cannabis - for a minute there I thought I had written this. 33/yo male formerly Mtx and Enbrel. Since use of MMJ I have been able to cut out the MTX. (DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to change and/or alter your medication without first consulting your doctor)
          Finding the right strain (and method of use) is crucial. A major differentiator in strains is no longer simply Indica or Sativa. As more studies become available, we are learning that the terpenes (in short, what makes the plant smelly) as well as the concentration levels of each terpene are major factors in determining how your strain/medicine reacts with your endocannabanoid system in the treatment of specific symptoms of PsA. Msg for more info, I am happy to share my story, and plan to do so once this current flare has passed.

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