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Bone spurs

Does anyone deal with bone spurs?

I have them all over.

  1. I have several on my heel, only bothers me when inflamed of course , I have a therabar I use for tendonitis in my elbow, I have found that rolling my foot on top of the bar on the floor with a good bit of pressure helps a lot, that and ice

    1. Hi, yes ice works great. I also had a torn Achilles and brevis tendon which still swell all of the time and hurt. I'm knooooow being referred to a podiatrist. I'll see what happens. Thanks for your advice.

    2. Hi - That sounds painful. Were you able to schedule an appointment with the podiatrist?

      -Jake, Team

  2. Jake, yes I have an appt in a couple weeks . I've been having pain in my hands since February, seen a RA doc which I left early in tears, and my primary. Both seem oblivious when I say my hands hurt, I wake at night and they throb. I feel like I'm talking to a wall. I think I need to give up until I can switch insurance and doctors. And then go through it all again. Honestly don't know if have the energy to do it.

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