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Blue fingers...

Hi all,

Another one from me:

About 6 weeks ago, one of my hands swelled and went blue and kept changing from blue to normal and back again.

I have since developed a blue/purple colour behind my knuckles on all fingers, and I've had a couple of episodes of my veins in my hands showing up really clearly (one of these times a blood vessel burst in my finger!)

I went to A&E first time these symptoms showed up and was sent away with reassurance that I'm not about to keel over 😀

I'm just wondering if this could be a form of reynauds...? do my descriptions sound familiar, for those that have it? It just happened again so thought I'd ask!

Thanks all


  1. Hi @Rom1987, thanks for asking this question to the community! I hope members are able to share their experiences with you. This must have been concerning when you noticed the color changes in your hands. Because we're not medical professionals, it's definitely a good idea to speak with your rheumatologist when you have a chance (and I'm really glad you checked with the A&E)!

    In the meantime, here's some information we have on Raynaud’s, if you haven't seen it already:

    I hope you're able to find more answers soon.

    Minel ( Team Member)

    EDIT: Sorry, I just noticed my other team member sent the exact same article to you, apologies for the repeated information, but hopefully it's helpful!

    1. Thanks so much @minelcannucciari ill have a read x

      1. Hi @Rom1987, not sure if you've found any answers yet from your doctor, but I know it's often helpful to hear more from the community on their experiences. We posted your question to our Facebook community, so I thought I'd share some of their responses from Facebook if you're interested in reading!

        Minel ( Team Member)

    2. Dear Rom,
      I have Raynaud's, and I remember how scary it was the first time I noticed it happening. And of course, it never happens when you have a rheumatology appointment. May I suggest that you grab your cell phone and photograph when it does this? That way you can show your doctor exactly what it is doing and what it looks like. You can also jot down what it feels like -- in my case, when I have it in my fingers, they feel cold to the touch. A picture is worth a thousand words! Best wishes!

      1. @RainStorm, I love this idea! You're so right, a picture is worth a thousand words.

        Minel ( Team Member)

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