Wits end

I was diagnosed with RA about 15 yrs past.
Started on all the usual drugs, methotrexate, sulphasalazine etc.
Nothing worked with the exception of steroid injections (slow release 120mg)
Which would last approx 12 wks.
About 3 yrs ago my disease was changed to psoriatic arthritis, more changes of meds, adminulmab, golinumab, uskeskumab, excuse my spelling. These last 3 drugs as biological. Again, no effect.
This last year I have suffered 2 heart attacks and now consultant is trying to stop/cut back my steroids.
This is causing me a lot of pain and distress as all I am on at present is painkillers.
Add to this my joints are not swollen as before but I can tell you they are as painful and stiff as before.
It is like they do not believe me when I tell them the pain I am in.
My quality of life has gone downhill fast, I find doing simple tasks very difficult and sore.
I am so hacked off at present and just cannot see a way out of this, thinking of trying an alternative medicine myself.
Sorry for the rant I am just so down at present.

Should have said I am male 61 and live in the uk.
Other ailments are u.c. With the removal of my large intestine 3yrs ago,
Heart attack 1 yrs ago and 3 months ago.

Thanks for listening.

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