Been living in hell without proper diagnosis

I’ve just been diagnosed after 15 years!

I started to struggle with my feet at 37 years old and at 41 years old, I was told it was osteoarthritis. I then got a back injury and lost a disc. I then had a breast reduction as the pain in my neck and back was intense. At 46 years old, I was diagnosed with leukemia and battled that. I then had a hysterectomy and I have PTSD and anxiety, so I’ve thought my chronic pain was related to that. Every year, I just get worse and worse. Now I’m covered in psoriasis and every joint is sore and weak. About to start methotrexate at age 52. I have my heart racing, blurred vision, obesity now and piles. I am here looking for advice.

Do you have a story about living with psoriatic arthritis to share too?

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