What? PsA and Psoriasis?

I was just recently diagnosed with PsA and Psoriasis. I waited almost 6 years to be diagnosed with many, many misdiagnoses. It almost took my life in 2013 when my liver suddenly failed. Ever since then I was on the hunt for answers, and to survive.

I thought about not sharing my story, but what changed my mind is that someone, somewhere out there may be going undiagnosed like I did and maybe sharing my story will provide someone hope. To know I am not alone in this helps me.

I served 7 years in the Military so I was very physically active. When I woke up one morning in 2009 and couldn’t move because my spine, and nearly every joint in my body hurt, I knew something was wrong. The old saying goes,”you know your own body, so trust it.”

Weird symptoms happened for a long time and I just brushed it off to depression, anxiety or just working too much, or being under stress.

My toenails started changing around 2010, and I had small patches on both of my feet that were itchy. I thought it was tinea pedis since I was in the Military, and shared showers with many others. So, I started using an antifungal cream for athletes foot. My toenails continued to get worse and so did the skin on my feet.

I finally went in and saw a Podiatrist who took a toenail biopsy and said it’s not a fungus. Big relief, but I still had no answers for my skin or the joint pain.

Finally got sent to a Rheumatologist after waiting almost a year to see one. The Nurse Practitioner I saw didn’t think it was PsA or Psoriasis and completely dismissed me until my feet started to swell and she had an ultrasound to prove otherwise.

I am now on Methotrexate, Hydrocortisone, and NSAIDs. The Methotrexate provides some relief, but going to mention to my Rheumatologist that I would like to try a biologic as well since I am still having new symptoms show up.

I just keep pushing on because that’s all you can do. I know my limitations and work around them. Yes, right now I use the assistance of a wheelchair because my feet are really bad. I hope that changes in the future.

I use humor to get me through, cooking, music, spending time with family and friends and connecting with others on sites like this. Taking life one day at a time, and being thankful I am alive also helps.

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