For over 20 years, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Before that, they called it chronic fatigue. After years of doctors, pills, exercises, much research, and prayers, I finally found a rheumatologist that actually listens to me! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!! I drew a human body figure (3 pieces of blank paper taped together) and I labeled every part of my body that had symptoms. SO MANY!!! I cried uncontrollably when I finished.

Anyway, my very concerning issue right now is my walking and mobility. You see, supposedly, I also have diabetic neuropathy. My feet and ankles and my legs and knees swell, ache, itch, burn and I feel like I'm walking on soft rocks in my shoes by the end of the day. I have recently used a four-prong cane, but it caused shoulder problems. Now I'm using an old rollator/walker. I'm a cashier by trade and I can sit at work. That doesn't help with my issues, but I manage. Gotta work. I often feel just a little "off," but thankfully I haven't had any falls. Each day, sometimes each minute, is a challenge. Finding new ways to do things and realizing that there are many things I just can't do anymore. I'm a prisoner in my own body with a life sentence!!!

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