Up and downs of psoriatic arthritis

I have lived with psoriatic arthritis since age 15. I am disabled from it now. I worked for over 20 years as a registered nurse. So I was able to have some good times and contribute to society. Helping other people helped me carry on. I look at my illness as there is always someone worse off than me! This helps me get through the bad days! Despite other illnesses along with the arthritis, I have to keep moving.

Good and bad days with psoriatic arthritis

Unfortunately, the medications did not help me. They only slowed down the progression. So I try to look at the good parts of life. There are good days and bad days.

I enjoy my partner, my children, my cat. I also enjoy still listening to others, like family and friends to help them with their problems. I like to read, learn new medical stuff online, tv, spending time with friends and family. Range of motion exercises help the joints. Because I can no longer walk long distances, I only walk short distances in the house.

I keep fighting each day

I will keep fighting, I am also a five-year cancer survivor! I encourage everyone to keep fighting also. Especially now with the pandemic and our immune system problems. Speak with your doctor about getting vaccinated, it will help save our lives! Granted nothing is 100 percent, but it does help prevent severe Covid! Good luck to everyone and keep fighting!

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