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Psoriatic arthritis at it's worst

I have had psoriasis for 20 years. One summer it was so bad all over my entire body I wore long sleeve sweaters to work. I was covered from head to toe in it. I was seeing a dermatologist that kept trying all these lotion meds on me to no avail. It just wouldn't disappear.

Finally, after a couple years, they told me to try a rheumatoid doctor because my body ached and my tops of my feet felt like they were breaking. Well that's when I found out I had psoriatic arthritis. It was so painful I could barely walk if I did any yard work or anything physical.

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They have been trying all kinds of meds, but they just help a little. The med Tremfya that I inject now is quite costly $2,800 a shot every 8 weeks, not covered by insurance. I called the manufacturer and am on a program that covers the whole price and I pay zero. Thank goodness because I would not have the money to pay for it, as I am on SSD. I wouldn't wish this on any one. 😪

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