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This is my life.

I was diagnosed for the past 20 years, was never told what dangers it poses, nor the utterly painful arthritis that goes with it. I have had many a bad comment from shop-keepers who would not want to touch my hands, I got my change by them throwing into my hand without contact, I have had Nursing staff tell me that they are itching now, thanks to me, Even chiropodists, gave not wanted to touch my feet, for fear they may get something from my disease. I am now told I am an infection risk, Because they say, the plaques from psoriasis adhere to the prosthetic metal when replacing knees. I am so fed up put down and generally maddened by all the negative remarks I have had. I was recently told that is not psoriasis it is hard skin. I just wanted to floor the woman. I have also been told that many of my ailments are linked to autoimmune diseases, so Thanks for that. I was never told I would be in pain for the rest of my life and thanks to this I now have osteoarthritis too. I was told for 6 years there was nothing wrong, although I knew better. When I demanded a second opinion, they found my knees were being eaten away, with arthritis. So much for a caring society.

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  • Jax53 author
    1 year ago

    Hi, CathyD, Thank You, I have been taking Sulphasalazine, for a very long time, I had been interested in the Research side of this disease, But was not able to take part because I am an unstable Diabetic, and have other health issues, which they have just found, I was quite upset but if my health does get that much better, I could be chosen again. Perhaps when I was Diagnose with this disease, No-body knew much about it, But, with everything I have come across, will not have been in vain, I could help others, who are yet to be diagnosed.

  • marcisnydee
    1 year ago

    Thank you for having the courage to share your story. Don’t give up on your self and this world and the tough circumstances that only a PsA peer can truly understand. When the going gets tough bring it back to the forum. We understand, we care, and we have each other. @jax53

  • CathyD moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi @jax53, oh my goodness. It makes me feel so sad to read about everything you have been through over the years, and the comments and behaviour you have endured. I’m very sorry to hear that your joints were already damaged by the time you could get anyone to take your concerns seriously. It is heartbreaking that this happens. Were you given anything to manage your PsA once the joint damage was found?

    Thank you for sharing; we so appreciate you taking the time to do so. <3 - Catherine, Community Moderator

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