My helpless journey

I had my first recognition of psoriasis in 1980, immediately following the birth of my 2nd child. Small random areas from head to feet. About 3 years of misdiagnosis from dermatitis, eczema, frostbite to hives. Next was the nails, ridges and white spots on the finger nails and thick ram toenails out of nowhere. Fingernails were ignored and advised toes were fungus. Tried many topicals, nothing worked. Six years later, thicker plaques on my elbows, kneecaps, ankles and nape of my neck. Wasn’t until a year later and several skin scrapings, the diagnosis of psoriasis was muttered (1988) and the only treatment provided was phototherapy, which initially helped.

I gave birth 1984 & 1988. After 1989, the knees and elbows resolved. The sporadic areas and nape appeared in a remission. Still no treatments beside tar shampoo and moisture creams. Fast forward 30 years, I have sporadic outbreaks on my ankles and feet, toenails still a mess and the anterior medial area of my scalp and neck are horrendous.

Hoping to see a doctor and get more answers

During COVID, I could now get appointments. I’ve had two derm appointments in 2023, but both were cancelled. I tried to sign up for several psoriasis and RA trials, but I have no formal recent diagnosis and I’m obese. I suffer daily 6/7 out of 10 with horrible joint, impaired mobility, terrible bone pain, skin flareups and extreme fatigue. I exhaust myself from scratching, embarrass my family and fearful of a secondary infection. I’m trying desperately to educate my self more and more! If I can't get into a doctor before Christmas, I surrender. Thank you for this informational format.

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