Will someone please listen to me?

I have advanced PSA and other comorbidities. I have been diagnosed with Stage 3b kidney failure. I can’t find a team of doctors anywhere willing to communicate with one another (office notes at the best). Everything that allows me to function with my PSA, reflux, etc. is contraindicated for CKD. But no one has any reasonable suggestions in order for me to merely function (meaning not lying in bed all day). Even my PCP is a problem. He laughed at me when I told him about my brain fog worsening. He claims there’s no such thing! Oh really? He then announced that he wouldn’t renew my HRT because I’m too old and I don’t need it any longer. I’m 65, I think that’s young! Removing a med that is going to give me more symptoms is something I can’t face.

I just suffered through 4 weeks of being bedridden (PSA Cinderella syndrome), not remembering the first 2 weeks at all. I’m at my wit’s end. I’m a compliant patient. I’ve avoided all NSAIDs, steroids, PPI’s, etc. to save my sorry kidneys. However, I’m very close to telling the little suckers that they’re about to be sacrificed for the quality of life.

I’ve suffered from this autoimmune disease for 60 years. And for the 1st time in this long journey, I am totally discouraged. Just wait until my rheumatologist sees my latest bloodwork. I’ll bet my 10 crooked fingers that my liver enzymes are elevated. In lieu of anything I can no longer take for any kind of pain, my chilled bottle of wine calls for me telling me all is well.

How much trouble do you think I’d be in if I kidnapped all my specialists and forced them to communicate? Yeah, that’s what I thought. All reasonable suggestions are welcome. Now, what to do about this headache of 3 days?????????!!

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