Rheumatologist and Dermatologist

This article was so on target for me. I recently received direction from my rheumatologist to stop all medications (Enbrel and sulfazalazine). I was to start Cosentyx. There is a $3500 co-pay per month for the Cosentyx. I then started the excruciating process of applying for financial assistance. I was 5 weeks with no medication. I was approved and began the 300mg loading dose on May 3rd. As of today, I have had 900mg. Today is 5/17/2023.

Getting a different opinion from my dermatologist

I had an appointment with my dermatologist yesterday, 5/14. He questioned me as to why I’m prescribed the Cosentyx. He said the Cosentyx is not indicated with rheumatoid arthritis. He asked how the rheumatoid arthritis was feeling. I’m in pain.

Today I left a message for my rheumatologist stating the concern expressed by my dermatologist. I also indicated that I am in pain.

I hope they call me back!🙏

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