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Last updated: November 2019

I apparently had PSA for years. Finally, when a flare-up on both hands got so bad, I referred myself to an RA doctor. I had been to primary and treated for "contact dermatitis" with salves and steroids several times. Then went to a dermatologist, did scrapings, biopsy, and blood work. This was AFTER I checked out web MD, Mayo, and other websites, and the signs were there! I had the rash (covered both hands), sausage finger(s), nail pitting, and the chronic pain and feeling down and tired all the time. I had Xrays that pointed to regular osteoarthritis, but nothing else seemed to "trigger the alarm" that I may/did have something else.


So..I was started out on metho and progressed to humira. The skin disorder vanished, with only some flare-ups. But the chronic pain and feelings were still present. I became completely disabled, so bad I couldn't use my hands/fingers due to the pain. Everyday tasks were overwhelming and very difficult. After almost a year on humira, I manage better but it'll NEVER go away or even get any better...this is because the discovery of the disease is apparently too difficult to diagnose for well educated, very brilliant and capable doctors. Even SPECIALISTS are often WRONG! Better testing, earlier discovery, and a better understanding is NEEDED!

Years of pain

The older someone becomes, the more difficult it becomes later on when osteoarthritis moves into the body. I apparently had my onset in my 40s but a real discovery wasn't until I was in my 60s. It's a shame and a curse with all the modern medicine (oh yes, the opioid crisis came along and better pain management went out the window) now is shied away due to guidelines and DEA/FDA warnings that we might become addicted. Well if they had it, they might understand better. There has been more advanced medicine and treatment for HepC, AIDS, Cancer, etc., and this is all well, but there is early detection and treatment for these. PSA, on the other hand, is still in the Dark Ages of treatment and discovery. Don't give up...fibro was thought of as a mental issue a few years ago...Oh yes, we get that one too...Yeesh! Stay focused, connected, and on top of your own health/welfare, cause you ain't gonna get it by just allowing "them" telling you what you don't have as opposed to what you do have. Above all Pray! God NEVER does anything without a reason! The better you see Him, the better He is seen by you!

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