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Psoriasis and Fibromyalgia


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012 and psoriasis in 2014. My rheumatologist has said I don’t have psoriatic arthritis YET, (thank you very much). I’m not convinced.

Psoriatic arthritis symptoms

I have severe burning and pain in left elbow (right-handed). Both feet hurt so bad when getting out of bed I can barely limp, and other issues that just don’t feel the same as fibro. Trying to figure out things on my own. Derm wanted me to try Humira for psoriasis and suggested it may help with the pain. Diet seems to help some things.

Eating habits

I am currently nightshade-free (helps with itching), mostly gluten-free (as in not fanatic about trace amounts in vitamins or whatever), and dairy-free except cream in my ONE cup of morning coffee. None of which has helped me from the terrible flare I just experienced. Signed confused and tired.

Even though I am 57, we have two beautiful girls, 13 and 14 years old (adopted) and I homeschool. Therefore I try to stay active though not a daily exercise routine.


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