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Hi, Pat here. I was finally diagnosed with PSA about 4 years ago. For way too long I dealt with specialists in my area that looked at my swollen knees and said “you have an inflammatory process going on” no blood work, X-rats, nothing. Let’s cut to the chase. After reading all the depressing things that come along with PSA, I took myself out of my area, drive 4 hours to The Cleveland Clinic here in Florida. I now have 3 specialists working with me. Rheumatologist, Internal Medicine, and Dermatologist. Hoping for better results with adjustment of treatment. Will post more in the future. Pat

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  • Isaiah author
    2 years ago

    Learning more every day with reading on PSA. PSA is in your DNA, immune system compromised by a bad illness, extreme stress, will bring it’s ugly head to light. I had a peptic ulcer in the making, did not know, then it blew, almost died, long story. Then I was hit with this and psoriasis, this last time big. But, Thanks to the Cleveland Clinic and a wonderful rheumatologist, I was told not to take prednisone as ordered by a rheumatologist I was going to here in my home town. It may quiet the psoriasis, but when I stop it would come back like the devil himself. Thanks to my nursing education, I knew I was up for some extensive blood work at the clinic so I held off. Good thing I did. My point, you do not have to be a nurse but educate yourself, ask questions. I now go back to the Clinic in 3 months then if all going well, every 6 months. So worth the 4 hour ride! Started change to Stelara 2 days ago, will check in on my progress, if any, but have hope! Pat

  • Casey moderator
    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, Pat! I’m so sorry to hear it took so long to get a diagnosis, however, I’m so glad to hear that you took matters into your own hands and were willing to do anything for your health. That’s amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us, and we look forward to reading your future posts and updates!

    Best, Casey ( Team)

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