I have suffer with psoriasis for as long as I can remember... around my hairline, ears and elbows. Around 7-8 years ago, it started to become a lot worse and covered my arms & legs. In March 2023, I started to get strange leg pains, couldn’t fathom what it was, but it came and went, so it became part of everyday life.

In May 2023, I literally woke up one morning and my wrists were extremely painful and swollen, checked myself for bites, had I banged myself? Hoped it would go away, but over the next few weeks I felt like every joint was being attacked! Taking normal painkillers and naproxen helped, but come July, my legs and feet had really swelled up, so off to the doctor for a chat.

Searching for answers

Straight away they thought rheumatoid arthritis, so blood test required – 3 week wait just for bloods. Then a week later, no it’s not rheumatoid! So 4 weeks gone from first doctor contact, pain & swelling worse, but no further forward! Luckily, I am in a private health scheme, so I arranged an appointment with a rheumatologist. So very lucky to get the consultant I did. Through lots of tears, I explained how the last 4 months had changed my life quite dramatically. Straight away he diagnosed psoriatic arthritis.

Getting a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis

Sounds silly, but the relief that he understood, believed me was overwhelming. It’s so hard for everyone to find the right doctor, but when you do it makes such a difference! Luckily I will be seeing the same doctor on the NHS for rheumatology. Also, already under a great dermatologist, she was happy to prescribe methotrexate, which hopefully will help both conditions... but, should I need further treatments/drugs if this doesn’t work, I feel blessed to be under Doctors who finally understand and can help with my condition

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