Finally we are getting somewhere

So it all started with me becoming increasingly distressed and anxious, as no doctor could agree in the NHS what was wrong. Each had their own thoughts and no one would commit to one thing. After many cancelled appointments (them not me) over the last year, I decided to go private. Psoriatic arthritis had been bounded round, but no one was happy to put me on the drug I needed, as it was an immune suppressant.

Finally getting a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis

I ended up going private last month, and within 3 weeks after 4 years, I've had a full diagnosis, and I'm being started on methotrexate. I know there are a couple of things I need to be careful with, but I finally feel light at the end of the tunnel. The anxiety of being messed about, and feeling like I was going mad was more damaging than any drug I could have been given.

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