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My PSA Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) just a few months ago, after years of joint pain. Though I had a flare of psoriasis when I was a kid, my first proper PsA flare occurred in November of 2022, when my body stiffened on one side and for two weeks, I suffered from what felt like the flu except I wasn't "sick" and I also couldn't walk.

Trying to get a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis

I went to my GP who ordered a lot of blood that came back inconclusive except for my high C-Reactive Protein. I was referred to a neurologist who told me "You're probably just anxious. Why are you in my chair? Go enjoy being 25," though he did order an MRI to rule out MS (which my grandmother has). When that came back negative, I found a rheumatologist who ran a full panel that also came back inconclusive except for my CRP, once again. He told me I didn't have to come back.

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All while this was happening, I kept getting sicker and sicker, and my flares lasted longer. The pain kept me up and when I'd finally sleep, it'd wake me up. I contacted another doctor who referred me to my current rheumatologist who he called "a mad scientist."

She ran vials and vials of blood work, tracked every inflammation marker as they went up and up. She tried everything and was very careful not to diagnose me with something until she was sure. First, she got all my vitamins in check, then even tried CBD as a way to curtail the inflammation, until, after a particularly long and difficult flare, finally she had to put me on a true autoimmune medication. While I am not fully healed, I am, for the first time in months able to do normal things, again. That is a blessing.

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