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I went to John Hopkins Dermatologist approx. 10 years ago and was diagnosed with having nummular eczema. I went to another dermatologist who said I had eczema and continued over the years to get cream to treat my flare ups. I went to another dermatologist and she did a biopsy and called to tell me I have Psoriatic arthritis. I’M SO GLAD I HAVE THE CORRECT DIAGNOSIS…but I am upset that all this time I was misdiagnosed and my joints are deteriorating.

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  • CathyD moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Tracey!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to share with us all! I’m so sorry to read about your struggles with misdiagnosis, that must have been incredibly frustrating. I can totally understand your mixed emotions about finally getting the correct diagnosis. Are you now working with a rheumatologist to manage your psoriatic arthritis?

    Please come by anytime you need support – we are here for you!

    – CathyD

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