What a mess! Two steps forward, three steps back.

Talk about someone who never thought this would happen to me, have been fighting , psa, for approx 20 years. I know it’s genetic many cousin, nieces and my sister have. This dreadful plague as I call it.
Since being diagnosed, I’ve changed my life style as much as I can, you see I also have osterio and gout, missing several levels in my spine, all glory to God I still stand and walk as much allowed by this plague, because my hips burn like hell if I walk to long..
Yes I push it, thank God I do, was told this week at pulmonary that my heart is enlarging, and it can’t be fixed with mess….and I must go back to a rheumatologist…so Monday I start my 11st visit back in 4 years, since methotrexate had a reaction..didn’t get along..no meds since.
Just my same pain drugs I’ve been on for 14 years they have never changed, that’s a good thing, and my supplements..
Peace to all, riding this plague train..
Praying for us all, and remember keep fighting, it’s good to fight a good fight,
What better then yourself….

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