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I was finally diagnosed about 5 or 6 years ago when my primary care doctor agreed to the inflammation blood test. She sent me to a fantastic rheumatologist who has helped tremendously. We've tried so many of the medications which work (sort of) for a little bit. So we move on to the next one. I keep asking her, "Are there any more meds left that we haven't tried?" And she always answers yes.

Now she's decided to move to Texas from Seattle. It's a little far to go for an appointment. So she's turning me over to one of her co-workers. We had such a rapport and now I'll have to start over (kind of). I just want to find the right drugs that work so I can go off of the prednisone!! I've been on it more on than off for almost the whole time since I was diagnosed. None of my other doctors are happy about that, but I definitely need it and it helps.

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