Livia's Long Journey to a Diagnosis

In 2008 I was diagnosed with lupus all the symptoms never really matched to me but I am not the doctor. Moved to another state new doctor diagnosed me with RA in 2018. Because there are no skin issues. I was never correctly diagnosed.

I am back with a new doctor who was going by the RA diagnosis because I clearly don't have Lupus. Now I have strong PsA symptoms. Club toes and tendon issues, so we are trying to get a skin diagnosis because I don't have typical psoriasis, but I have 2 brothers with it. I have dry patches coming up all over my body with no red patches. I may have a rare form of psoriasis and that's the reason for the missed diagnosis. Hopefully, we are on the road to the right diagnosis. This explains a lot of negative labs and low positive titers.

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