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Life can change almost overnight

I have had psoriasis since my early 20s but wasn’t diagnosed with PsA until I was 44. It was a swollen toe that started the diagnosis…fast forward 4 years…for the past two years I haven’t been able to walk without holding on to someone or a walker as my ankles and surrounding areas are very affected. I couldn’t drive for two years for the same reason which led to relying on people -something I was not used. Since then I’ve been licensed with hand controls and I’ve been driving since November of last year. I have always struggled with anxiety and panic disorder so I struggle with keeping my head above water even more now with this disease.
I have taken sulfathalizine that didn’t work for me I do nor did Humira. For the past two years( not without battling insurance) I’ve been on Remicade infusion’s once a month along with methotrexate shots once a week I also take a prescription NSAID which seems to help as well.
I have two children, a son who is 22 who has my first grandson, who is nine months and a daughter who just turned 16. I have a very active life and do my best to be a part of it with some alterations to how I have to do things now. I’m working more now that I can drive. All in all I try to wake up every morning thankful and smile and laugh as much as possible, trying not to focus on the negative or mourn the things I used to be able to do.

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