Learning Curve

I’m a warrior of an actual diagnosis in 2013 with real psoriatic arthritis (PsA) issues from my early 30's. I've learned to be my most dedicated advocate. I've learned diet, sleep, stress are all connected to my well being. I can't ignore one without consequences. I know I must keep moving, stretching and a decent attitude about my role in the living with PsA.

There will be hard days not easily explained and there are definite quick consequences if I have a margarita or a dish of ice cream. This is mostly a solitary journey without much said about my condition. I roll with the flow and I adapt quickly to changes. I can't show up for everything I want, but with daily management I can show up for some.

The impact of psoriatic arthritis on work

I can no longer work and that was a huge curve and change in income and lifestyle. I'd rather be working. I miss my job still after 10 years. I sure miss the income. I live within my means to keep stress lower. I love working in my flower gardens and landscape. I can take my time.

Lessons learned from PsA

I've learned to curve my want to dos more in line with my can dos. I've learned this illness is not for the faint of heart. I'm keenly aware of changes in how I feel and where I feel discomfort. This disease takes parts of us hostage in a moment's notice. With every change I have learned to adapt. I'm 63.

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