Invisible suffering, living in torment

I'm a middle aged woman, alone with virtually no support. Started with severed psoriasis as a little girl after a bout of chickenpox. It covered my whole body, my hair fell out and I was a mess. Homeopathy cleared it in two weeks.
Later in my life I've had countless flare ups, all severe and angry. I did the steriod ointments and scalp gels for decades only to find it thinning out my hair so I stopped. When I stopped the ointment (synalar) I have the Mother of all flare ups, very very angry and raw for over 18 months.
I saved up and saw a homeopath again, within weeks it was gone. It returned again after a few years but I now know it was due to a poor diet and lots of stress. When I detox and eat clean it practically goes away. A few months on junk food and its back.
I never smoked, not much of a drinker, am vegetarian, and try to be calm. I'm a highly sensitive person, stress gives me severed tic based ocd which is violent. I often have bruises because I punch my arms and waist so much.
They offered me methotrexate in my youth, no thanks. So glad Im against Big Pharma toxic 'medicine.' Medicine it is not.

To keep mine away I avoid the following:
Sugar, salt, refined/processed foods, msg, GMO's, meat, dairy, alcohol.

I eat: whole organic foods, plenty of greens, pure water.
I take: 3000 mg of algae oil (omega 3 without animal cruelty or mercury), 10.000 mg D3, a good multi vit/mineral supplement (high dosage), turmeric capsule, 1000mg vit c, and B complex.

I do mindfulness, meditation, tai chi. I slowly weaned off medications including the pill until my system was clean. I replaced my Brita water filter with one that removes fluoride and all metals, hormones and other toxins. I did it gradually as I was very poor and could not afford everything.

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