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As young as 10

Hello, I’m a mother of 5 & 3 pit-bulls, happily married.

I was as young as 10 years old going into the doctors for severe big plaques of dandruff with itching and seeing a doctor. Treated me with all the shampoos and lotions, but nothing was working, until they sent me to a dermatologist and they diagnosed me with psoriasis. Not until I became a single mother and struggled to survive with 3 jobs my immune system was weak I was struggling with all my aches in my body and the plaques were horrible all over my body now. I started with auto injectors for the pain and my psoriasis. And I got to my 30’s, I became very painful with my joints. I switched to different injections and medications and of course at this time someone mentioned psoriatic arthritis!

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I had just started dating again and didn’t want any pain to disturb my new life. I pushed through without mentioning my pains. I put my boys through high school, then college or other careers and here, 8 years married and now really struggling with stiffness and pain. But started new medications and hoping for the best. Ohh yeah did I forget to mention I was a career woman who just last year had a stroke. Hemorrhagic Stroke, 4 different brain bleeds. Had to give up my world as a retina technician and not dedicate to getting better. I have no choice to hope for better tomorrows!!!

Happy grandma of our baby Liam

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