I hate this

Hi my name is Wendy aka “fatfinger.” My right index finger is my sausage digit. For the longest time doctors knew I had something but over the years the name has changed. Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis was the first, then undifferentiated spondyloarthropy, and now with someone actually examining my feet and seeing my toenails separating from the bed, psoriatic arthritis. Last week I had carpal tunnel and trigger finger release surgery. The trigger finger was also my sausage digit. I still don’t think I will be able to bend it all the way but if I can at least it won’t lock up on me.

I’ve had a falling out with my rheumatologist. I sent him results of an MRI of my lower back and he told me that he didn’t think the medicine I was on would help me. I thought he was right so I stopped taking Arava and things have gotten worse. I hurt more. I have a trigger thumb now. I want to try a biologic but my mom passed away from a lymphoma brain tumor. Sorta contraindicated.

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