From PsO to Lyme Disease to PsA

I had my first break out of palmar plantar pustular psoriasis at 28 years old. It was devastating and I had to wear latex gloves often so that I could allow the topical medication to really soak in and also because it was embarrassing for people to see.

Although, I’m sure people thought I was crazy wearing latex gloves, but it was better than them seeing what was under the gloves.

Testing positive for Lyme disease

Fast forward to age 35, I started having pain in my bones. It went to my family physician and he did a test for Lyme disease as he knew I was living in Ohio in the country for several years before moving back to my hometown and state of Florida .

The test came back positive for Lyme disease. Also at that time, I was diagnosed with Lyme arthritis, which in retrospect now I realize was really the beginning of my psoriatic arthritis.

My first rheumatologist would not acknowledge psoriatic arthritis (PsA), even though I’m in there, with the palms of my hands, literally bleeding and looking like I had to stigmata. I always joked that I had the stigmata. I had to joke and try to laugh about it, to keep from crying. He kept treating my fibromyalgia, and refused to give me a diagnosis of PsA. He just ignored it every time I mentioned it. I fired him.

Searching for the right treatment

My second rheumatologist was great and he changed my life for awhile and he did everything he could to help me. For a little while the biologic was helping keep my skin clear, but it wasn’t stopping my joint destruction.

Three biologics later; I had become allergic to them all.

Being in as much pain as I was, a few family members recommended trying medical marijuana, which I was really against because I grew up in an age where it was against the law and it was just not something we did. Marijuana was never my thing. I got my medical marijuana Card anyway, and started trying a little bit of every type of product and I found out, by accident, that full spectrum marijuana would clear my skin at the smallest dose. It will also help my pain.

I have no medical insurance currently and haven’t worked for 10 years because of my PsA. I’m in need of a bilateral hip replacement. I wear compression gloves on my hands every day to try to help with the inflammation and pain in my hands. I use heating pads, ice, topical ointments and creams, tens machine, etc... I also go to pain management and I use the medical marijuana at least once a day (I’m a microdoser).

Worried about the genetic component of PsA

My biggest concern is my two boys. They are going to be 30 and 25 in a few months and my 30 year old already is getting swollen knees, and hip pain. Neither one has had psoriasis yet, but both are complaining of not feeling well and pain. I pray daily that I didn’t pass this on to my boys.

Trying to stay positive

I try to stay positive and I try to help others online when I can. Some days it is very hard to stay positive when the pain overrides all medication.

I often wonder “why me”. I guess I will never know why. Sometimes I think God is just punishing me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have come to a point where at least my skin stays clear, using full spectrum, marijuana, and thank God, I’m able to pay to see pain management. Something else that is so much worse. I truly am blessed and I have to remember that. It’s easy to get into the poor pitiful me mood, but I try really hard to stay out of that mood.

Thanks for reading my story. God bless.

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