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Finally Frightened

I’ve dealt with psoriasis since I was 5, psoriatic arthritis since I was a teen & I am 65. Been through nearly every treatment in the book. It was almost tolerable when my joints, my tendons, my connective tissues, my skin, my eyes, my total lack of saliva, my fatigue, my lost days & all the other bull was what I had to face. But this damn disease has become bored with the small stuff. My liver enzymes continue to rise & I am in stage 3 renal failure. Every medication that I need is not good for me. No NSAIDs for pain, no PPIs for reflux, high blood pressure meds aren’t good either (but you can’t walk around with a pressure of 160/98 & a pulse of 110 for very long). My PsA is in its advanced stage so you can imagine the pain I feel daily. (Thanks, opioid crisis fanatics who think 3 Vicodin a week is BAD). Damn you PsA, you don’t play fairly. Just go away you creepy good for nothing jerk. I haven’t given in, I’m not giving up & you picked the wrong person to mess with. If you thought I was just going to lay down & let you totally take over, you picked the wrong woman. I’ll meet you at the Crossroads sucker! You would all laugh yourselves silly if you saw the woman who wrote this. I am 5’2, blonde hair, professional conservative grandmother. You’d think this was written by a bad……..Never ever let humor slip away.

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  • KQ500
    1 year ago

    Dear Einna, I am so sorry to hear how much pain and suffering you have had. PsA is cruel…and very painful. Sad to hear you have been on so much medication that sounds like it has made things worse for you. 3 Vicodin a week is not “bad” at all! (Dr. said I could take 2 a day). I was up to 3 to 4 a day!!! That is until last year, I started taking CBD oil. I don’t get high. I have not taken any Vicodin for 11 months, and can walk without a cane! I wrote a story about it here:

    I hope you can get some relief, and fell better soon.

  • Rebecca moderator
    1 year ago

    Two thumbs up for CBD oil – I also have started it (not for PsA) and it’s really made a difference in getting better sleep.

  • VickiN moderator
    1 year ago

    @einna, I hope you are hanging tough. This is all so much to deal with, but I can tell that you are resilient and determined. Are there any at home remedies (compression wear, heating pads, etc.) or natural products you’ve found that help a little bit? I’m sorry you’re struggling with restrictions on what medications you can take.
    I thought you might like this story from one of our contributors, where she likens PsA to a rude neighbor:
    Warm wishes to you today,
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

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