Exhausted with fatigue

I have been diagnosed for 5 years now with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and I also suffer with severe psoriasis.

I have tried numerous medications and I’m currently on Secukinumab, which did clear my skin 100% for around 6 months, I felt so good, no pain or swelling and started to run again.

Now it has returned and very quickly I am watching it spread across my body again. I feel so embarrassed and shamed by my body and have felt so low with it I’ve had to take time off work. My GP has given me some antidepressants and they have helped with some of the anxiety, but I feel exhausted and in pain all of the time.

Just feel like I’m struggling along with life, work, parenting, and being a good wife. I’m trying to get back to running and joined the gym again, but I’m struggling. Doing things alone can be less motivational.

I’m tired of actually being tired all the time, pain in my neck and shoulder is overwhelming and disturbing my sleep. I’m seeing my rheumatologist beginning of Feb, so can’t wait to ask for something different to try, it’s out there, I’m sure just got to keep going. Even if it is exhausting at times. Thanks for reading my story.

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