I Am More Than the Data

Last updated: August 2022

I had the unfortunate experience of seeing a different nurse practitioner today. I have hypothyroidism, which I am learning is common with psoriatic arthritis (PsA). I had the wonky thyroid first so I am used to its shenanigans.

I simply wanted my thyroid levels checked. I feel "off," so checking my thyroid function is always a good place to start. My family doctor wouldn't order a lab unless I was seen, so I went in.

Good grief, it was awful. My vitamin D supplement was increased by my rheumatologist in June. My vitamin D level is low normally, so I am taking more vitamin D now. I am on Prolia for osteoporosis. These things I felt were worth mentioning. Maybe one of those things has thrown off my thyroid.

This practitioner kept repeating, "I have read the data," as a means to discount any concerns that I had.

I wanted to tell her, "I am more than data, you silly woman. I know my body far better than you do." You have spent 5 minutes with me.

Instead, I bit my tongue and got my prize. Lab orders. I will never consent to be seen by her again.

Overall, I have had excellent health care providers. This was a reminder that not all of them are competent or even good listeners. I send out my support to anyone who has had to deal with clueless people in a white coat!

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