Psoriatic arthritis is difficult

I’m diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 10/21. I start on Methotrexate and after a couple of weeks, I find it has an effect on my stomach. I’m then switched to Sulfasalazine while waiting for approval for financial assistance for Enbrel. I begin Enbrel January, 2022. I’m good on the Enbrel until February 2023 when I began to experience red, flaky sores on both legs.

Receiving a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis

my doctor has left the practice. I’m told I can see the nurse practitioner on March 28, 2023.

A change in treatment

At that appointment the nurse practitioner takes one look at the rash on my legs and calls for the doctor. He takes a look at my legs and says that I am to stop all medication, Enbrel and the gel from the dermatologist. He says that I am out of control with the psoriatic arthritis. He said I need to start taking Cosentyx.

After FIVE weeks with no medication, I am finally approved for financial assistance for the Cosentyx. I have had 4 loading doses as of today.

Waiting to see if PsA treatment is working

Unfortunately, I am unable to see any improvement. Plus, in the interim I saw the dermatologist and he questioned my being on the Cosentyx, as it does not help rheumatoid arthritis.

I saw the rheumatologist on May 23rd. I’m told that my "levels" are good and that I need to give the Cosentyx time: 3-4 months.

I am scheduled for 4 shots of steroids for the pain in my hands and legs on May 25. My journey makes me crazy!

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