Delayed self care

Like so many others, as a working woman and mother, I didn’t make time for self care. I spent long hours at school... until I could no longer do it.

I had shown signs of psoriasis for almost two decades, but now the joint pain was so difficult and days of fatigue had me guessing that something was really wrong. My husband and I moved to another state to be near our grandchildren and I retired earlier than expected to do so. I was relieved in so many ways. I loved spending my days with children! Yet, as difficult as it was to leave the field of education, I now had the hope of some needed self care. Getting established with new doctors in our area, help came. First in understanding, then in diagnosis, now in treatment.

I’ve always believed we are to be lifelong learners. Now, I’m learning to understand my body better, psoriatic arthritis, and the importance of care for myself.

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